Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Contest Winner

I am finally getting around to announcing the winning logo!  Serena Simpkin of New Zealand found Cookie Capers on Facebook and decided to give it a try.  She's a stay at home mom who has a background in graphic design.  I hope to work with her to get a whole new look to the blog as well.  Thanks Serena! 

This is her submission but I am working on tweaking colors etc!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Goofin Off

I had some leftover cookies and wanted to do something with them since I never got around to their original purpose due to a death in the family.  They sat in a baggie for a couple of weeks until I saw this post and was inspired to practice making straight lines.  I decided to send these to a couple of uncles who have been begging for cookies and said they didn't care what they looked like! They aren't exactly masculine but I'm sure they will enjoy them anyway!  :)

I was just goofing off with these.  I really like how the brown looks as a background for bright colors.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I had a request for airplane cookies that had a "Miss You" theme. I always worry about cookies with narrow appendages like the airplane cutter I have does.
They sometimes get broken while I am decorating for when they are being packaged. Besides, I couldn't really picture that kind of childish plane in this particular arrangement. 

So I turned to scrapbook and stamping sets that fit the idea I had rolling around in my head.  This plane design from Stampin Up was perfect!

Baby, Baby, Baby

I have been studying some different cookiers and their techniques for a while and really liked the idea of painting on cookies.  I had some cookie ideas in mind that required a bit more detail than icing would allow me so I decided to try painting the details.  I love to paint so this was right up my alley!  Before we start, I wanted to clarify that I traced these images onto dry, iced cookies.  I am not privileged enough to have a Kopykake projector.  Yet.
I found these images on a rubber stamp site. I copied and resized them to fit my new homemade cookie cutter!  Yes, I got their permission to use the images and yes, I did color them Sunday morning in church. :)

To paint, you just use 1 part food color and 1 part water.  EASY!
I was tempted just to paint them totally but I didn't.
Notice my shiny new stainless table!  I love it!  And I love these babies before they even have faces!
These were so fun!  I didn't mean to put this doggy in.  The other one I did was better but you get the idea!
For the letter cookies, I found a font, printed D's and then traced them with icing on wax paper.  When they dried, I added them to the blue circles with icing.  I did the same with the domino.
The domino is significant.  The baby, Dominic, is affectionately nicknamed Domino.

Welcome to the world Dominic Anthony Pace! 

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