Wednesday, December 18, 2013


SO, since Christmas-time is super busy for cookie decorators everywhere, I decided I had plenty of time to play with an idea I had. I'm easily distracted and overly ambitious at best folks!

 Anywho, I found  this cute Diorama template(I would give credit but I can NOT find the site now!). I had no intentions of selling them or even showing them. It was just a personal challenge.

It started innocently enough with my printing the sheet, cutting out the cast of characters. I had to make my own shape that would work with the smaller and larger images. I chose an oval and destroyed my horseshoe cutter to get the perfect curve! 

After tracing their outline onto the cookies, I free-handed the details. Then I stared at them for almost a week before deciding to dive in and try them. 
The biggest pain was deciding on a color palette!
About half way through filling in all the colors
All done! Not the best but not too bad for the first time!
I hope you know who these guys are but just in case: Mary, Joseph, Jesus and an Angel
The Three Wise Guys Men
The shepherd with random animals, including a camel that really should be with the Wise Men
This sweet set taught me a couple of things besides decorating techniques.  First, I MUST get a good camera to capture the way they actually look. Second, I should not show things before I am completely done because someone may want to buy them and then I might get real busy and stay up too late trying to finish them and all the others I have to do! Lesson learned!

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