Monday, April 16, 2012

NEW and IMPROVED Blog Contest first blog contest was a bust.  I only had a  couple of people actually follow the instructions and ended up ditching the whole thing out of frustration!  Be patient with me, God isn't finished with me yet!  :)

I decided to have a new contest because I need something that I can't seem to pull out of my own mind.  A Cookie Capers Logo, a simple representation of what Cookie Capers is all about.  I must have this logo in order to go forward in my dream of turning this hobby into a legitimate business. A logo is required as part of writing a business plan to submit for grants and other funding.

The contest rules are:
  1. You must not steal artwork, clipart or any design.  Period.  You may use artwork with proper permissions. You must have said permissions in writing when submitting a design you did not create yourself.
  2. The design should be simple with clean lines and easily reproducible images.  We want to put this logo on business cards, ads, flyers, labels etc.
  3. All entries must be submitted by May 16, 2012 to
  4. A winner will be announced May 21, 2012 and prizes awarded within 14 days of the winning announcement.
  5. If no suitable logo is found by the deadline, Cookie Capers reserves the right to extend the contest deadline or terminate the contest.  We do want to come out of this with a great logo but it has to be the perfect one!  I'll know it when I see it! 
Now for the good part.  If we (meaning me) choose your design as our logo you win:
  1. The design credit.
  2. $100 cash
  3. Cookies for a year - 12 cookies delivered to you each month. Each shipment will represent the holiday or theme for that particular month.  (ie  Christmas, Fourth of July, Summer, Spring etc)
 I hope one of you has the perfect design in mind and can get Cookie Capers moving forward!  Good Luck!


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