Shipping Details

Shipping Details
We ship all orders via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days). It is cheaper and they have a spotless record for getting Cookie Capers gifts to their destination on time and intact. We can not say the same for other shipping companies so we stick with the best we have found. Our shipping charges are not exaggerated as we have seen at other stores. We have a flat shipping rate based on what size box will be required and the approx weight of the cookies. We have found that flat rate shipping is easier to deal with and it is very close to the actual cost, sometimes less.
Up to 7 cookies
 From 9 – 12 Cookies
Every cookie is individually wrapped and protected to prevent damage to the cookie or the work of art that has been created on it. Once assembled into a bouquet or basket, our gifts are then bubble wrapped and surrounded with extra cushioning before they are boxed and shipped to your friend, family member or associate.

Each arrangement must be shipped separately to give the most protection. However, we can ship favors with arrangements with no problem. The shipping cost would be calculated based on the individual order instead of with these set prices.
Regular Favors
2 – 3 dozen
4 - 6 dozen

Mini Favors
3 - 6 dozen
7 - 12 dozen
13 – 18 dozen
Any number over the listed amounts will have to be calculated a little more precisely according to shipping container size and estimated weight. To give you an idea, the largest orders we have shipped were 30 dozen (360) minis @ $47 and 120 regular sized cookies @ $58.
Favors are packaged depending on the size of the order and how the customer requests them to be wrapped. Some are placed treat bags and tied with coordinating ribbon then placed in a bakery box before being placed in the shipping carton. Otherwise, they are placed in airtight ziploc bags, then a bakery box and finally a shipping container. They are protected with bubble wrap in their bakery box and packing peanuts in the shipping carton. Other packaging material may be used to prevent shifting of the contents.

Please ask if still have questions

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